Post Street Social

Licensed $
11-13 Franklin Wharf, Hobart
03) 6231 6600
Open: Daily from Noon with lunch 12.00-2.30pm and dinner from 5.30pm.

Owner/manager, Tony Jubb, says it was a mistake to open Post Street last Boxing Day. “At that busy time of the year, we just couldn’t get suitable staff”, he says. To make matters worse, the whole waterfront area of Franklin Wharf has been dug up, parking barriers installed and a long wall erected cutting out the view and restricting pedestrian access. So it’s not been the best few months for trade but, he says, it’s improving.

And it should do for Cumulus Architects have designed and furnished a beautiful space with blond timber tables, benches and booths, bright, tasteful décor, full ¬length windows providing views of the harbour (eventually), outside options and entry from both Morrison Street and the waterfront. Plus there are 13 boutique and mainstream beers and ciders on tap, a good Tasmanian-accented wine list and cocktails galore served by the glass or by the jug to share.

When I expressed some reservations about the food, my wife reminded me that Post Street was a bar. “People come here for a drink, to have fun and socialize”, she said, “Not for a top end dining experience”. As always, she was right.

For the past few months, the chef has been Paddy Prenter, who has returned to Hobart after three years working in Melbourne, including time at Supernormal and the highly acclaimed Cumulus.

In line with contemporary trends, the menu’s introduction states “Our dining style is casual with dishes designed to be shared and plates delivered to your table as they become ready”. And keeping it trendy, dishes are divided into ‘pickings’, ‘smaller plates” and “something more” with such interesting sides as pomegranate cucumber and mint salad, kimchi, and spiced cauliflower hazelnuts and capers.

On the day of our lunch, the special was a selection of nine small plates of which we chose eight, each good value at $10

The only real disappointment of the eight was the chicken and ginger congee which lacked the usual smooth, unctuousness of congee and was spoiled by coarsely chopped mushrooms and an over the top hit of ginger.

The cooking in the remaining dishes was fine, the calamari and octopus nicely tender, the soft-shelled crab crisp and meaty, the chicken skewers nicely charred from the grill and the steamed bao buns good, light and fluffy. While there was nothing wrong with the cooking, and the various Asian and Western ingredients and spicing combinations on the menu read well, the flavours of the food was, not necessarily bland, but very much middle-of-the-road inoffensive. Which again, as my good wife pointed out, is probably perfectly tailored for those who are in for a drink and something to soak up the alcohol.

For those who might need something more substantial, the menu offers a spicy pulled pork burger and a teriyaki chicken burger, Spring Bay mussels three ways, a 250g grilled hanger steak, a platter selection and a cheese plate.

Congee $10, smaller plates $12 – $16, burgers $12.50, hanger steak $28.50

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