Local Pizza

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52 Maroni Road, Berriedale
03) 6249 3573
Open: Wednesday to Friday 5.00pm to 9.30pm, Weekends noon to 9.30pm. Takeaways.

And now for something completely different – a menu reading Marg, Big Bill, BBQ Bird, Porkipine, Americano, Bonza, Sting, Finer Things, Adonis, Greeno, Wild Thing and White Guy. Not quite what you expect at a suburban pizzeria.

And it’s not what the northern locals expected either when Isabella Lubiana opened Local Pizza last March. “For the first few months”, she said, “People didn’t know what to make of us and the only pizza they seemed to order was the “porkipine’ with ham and pineapple topping. Now they’re much more adventurous and we probably only sell one or two porkipines in every 50 or 100 orders”.

And it pays to be adventurous for, while the names might be quirky, the ingredients, topping combinations and the crisp, thin, hand-stretched bases themselves are first class. And, with the regular after-work MONA crew and diners from Hobart and further south on the full and very busy take-away night of our dinner, the word on Local Pizza has obviously spread.

It’s a fun and relaxed, no frills sort of operation with the minimal décor and high ceilings of an ex-butcher shop seating around 40 at shared benches and tables knocked up from recycled timbers. Now, with full on summer, the outside tables will prove popular as well as offering a welcome respite to walkers and cyclists from the adjacent bike track. Inside or outside, you place your order and pay at the counter, collect your own water and cutlery, take a seat at the communal benches or at a couple of small tables and be entertained by, on our visit, Lubiana herself wielding the pizza paddle and feeding the flames in the huge gas AND wood-fired oven. Imported from Italy, the oven’s internal base rotates in an oven temperature of around 450 C crisping the dough and cooking the pizza in around two and a half minutes.

I ordered my benchmark tomato, basil and mozzarella ‘Marg’ – for Margarita – pizza, “pimped” as the menu expresses it, with anchovies and it was as good as any I’ve enjoyed around town. My wife’s ‘Finer Things’ pizza with marinated mushrooms, red onion, capers, Kalamata olives, oregano, roasted capsicum and mozzarella was, she said, “scrumptious”.

Just as scrumptious sounding were such toppings as free-range pork and fennel sausage, gorgonzola, red onion, capers and jalapenos on the ‘Wild Thing’ pizza; the unusual cream base, zucchini, gorgonzola, garlic and parsley of the ‘White Guy” or the ‘BBQ Bird’s’ smoked chicken, onion, jalapenos, homemade BBQ sauce, mozzarella, sour cream and coriander.

All together there are twelve different pizza options, some available gluten free, plus a classic garlic pizza, a daily pizza special and an ‘Ice cream sandwich’ dessert pizza consisting of a hot pizza pocket with vanilla ice cream and Nutella. To finish, there are also an excellent tiramisu, Small Fry glazed doughnuts and a selections of gelati.

Plus there’s a wide and reasonably priced selection of beers, ciders and Tasmanian wines including, of course, the impressive Lubiana family wines from up the road and around the corner at Granton.

Garlic pizza $5; Pizzas $20; extras $2/$3/$5; ice cream pizza $8; tiramisu $6/$12

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