The Burger Haus

Licensed $
364a Elizabeth Street, North Hobart
03) 6234 9507
Open: Monday to Thursday 11.30am-9.30pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11.00am to 10,00pm. No bookings. Takeaways.

It’s a bit disconcerting to walk into a full restaurant and find you’re the oldest person in the place. Not only older, but decades older, twice as old as the next oldest – and then some. But that was OK. Eating here, I soon felt like a kid again. Except in my day a burger was a burger was a burger and there was no such thing as a Ferrero Rocher milkshake.

To say the place is “hip” or “cool” would probably just show how totally unhip and uncool I really am. Rather it’s “awesome” agreed two young things at the next table as they unskewered and began to chomp into their mountainous Chip Chip burgers. That’s chicken burgers for you uninitiated – as opposed to Moo Moo burgers, Baa Baa burgers and, imagination failing, plain old Vegetarian burgers.

Burgers, it seems, have become the latest big thing around town. And burger “restaurants’ probably represent the ultimate in the democratisation of public eating, a process towards more casual, informal dining that’s been slowly evolving since the ‘90s.

And, in this respect, The Burger Haus has nailed it.

You enter, pick up a menu from the pile in an old suitcase near the door, order at the counter, receive an order number burnt into a wooden spoon, pick up your own cutlery, napkin, water glass and water bottle, choose a table inside or outside and take a seat.

It’s decidedly a next-generational thing, owned and run by a next-generational hospitality team – Aaron Brasondale, nephew of Angelo and Dom Fraraccio respectively of restaurants Da Angelos and Paesanos, Fabio di Tomaso, look-alike son of Maldini’s Bruno and Ken Chong, formerly of Jackman and McRoss. The three friends bought Marti Zucco’s Pizza restaurant about two years ago and then his upstairs Segreto last year, turning it into The Burger Haus last October.

And, with 22 different burgers plus salads, snacks, desserts, milkshakes, specialty shakes, a serviceable, well-selected wine list and a choice of 23 local, mainland and international beers, “awesome” is probably the right word to describe the size of their menu.

From the Moo Moo options, I chose the Haus Burger consisting of a still-moist beef pattie, a couple of bacon strips, an egg, onion rings, cheese, a caramelized pineapple ring, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, mustard mayo and tomato relish. At $15.50 it was a generously proportioned meal in one. Five mildly spicy, fall-off-the-bone-tender- pork ribs were also an enjoyable snack.

But what most impressed me about the quality job the kitchen was doing were the side serves of Haus onion rings and chips, the onion ring batter beautifully crisped in fresh, clean oil and the thick chips the best I’ve had in a long time, crunchily crisp but still with potato-doughy centres. Good stuff. And there’s plenty of other good stuff in the form of all-day breakfasts with the works, gluten-free options, a good variety of dipping sauces and a separate kid’s menu.

Then there are the specialty milk shakes running from mixed berry with toasted marshmallow to peppermint and chocolate chip on to a totally over-the-top indulgence in the form of a Ferrero Rocher shake topped with whipped cream and a FR chocolate overflowing a stein-like Country Fare Drink Jar.

It’s that sort of place, they’re doing it well and, if you’re into burgers and buzz, you’ll enjoy it.

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