My Slice of Pie

111 Dip Road, Mountain River
0408 391 657
Open: Daily 10am to 4.30pm. Takeaways.

As you head toward Huonville, Dip Road turns off to your right, just before the road sign announcing Grove. Two kilometres along the well-maintained dirt road you’re driving through a large apple orchard, the trees at this time of year heavy with fruit, the rows littered with windfalls. And it’s here you’ll find what Christine Bowden has dreamt of for over 20 years – her shiny new, stand-alone establishment she’s called ‘My Slice of Pie Cafe’.

After raising four kids, helping in the apple and cherry orchard that’s been in the family for four generations and cooking for a few years at an old peoples’ home, she opened her dream a month ago. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do all my life. And now I can do it”, she says proudly.

As she writes in her attractive brochure, “Take in the magnificent views, or even try your hand at sketching ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and surrounds, an artist’s delight. Perhaps an orchard walk, pick your own seasonal fruit, feed the ducks or watch our cattle grazing nearby. If you are lucky, the platypus family may be frolicking on the edge of our dam or you might see eagles soaring overhead. If you wish, just sit, relax, listen for the wildlife and enjoy the total experience of what we have to offer”.

And what she has to offer is an assortment of good home-made fare – scones straight from the oven with her own cherry jam; an excellent celery and pumpkin soup; beautifully light lemon sour cream cake; cinnamon-spiced fruit muffins; and lovely warmed, individual apple pies and cherry tarts, the tarts served with a warning “Mind, you might find a pip or two in the tart since the fruit is all picked and pipped by hand”.

The coffee’s fine, at lunch there are a few savoury dishes and, by pre-ordering, you can take home a family-sized pie or tart or a packed picnic lunch. The views of Sleeping Beauty are, as promised, magnificent and we thoroughly enjoyed our soup, scones and pastries.

It’s a brave venture and, given that it’s only a short detour from your way to somewhere else, it’s nice to think that it’s not every day you can help make someone’s dream come true.

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