Pasha’s Cafe and Restaurant

218 Elizabeth St, Hobart
03) 6234 6300
Open: Tues to Sat 11am till late; Halal certified. Takeaways.

She didn’t need words. My wife’s eyes and smirk said it clearly – “I told you so.” And half of Hobart will probably say much the same when they read this. Johnny come years late is not a good position for a food reviewer to be in and I’m not sure why I had resisted for so long.

Maybe it was memories of what it was like years ago when it was down on the waterfront. All those innocuous dips. Or perhaps it was because they boasted having won a gold medal for healthy food. What self-respecting restaurant needs to boast healthy food?

But I was wrong. They were right and Pasha’s was good. Very good, in fact. The spicy sucuk sausage, the capsicum dolma, the nicely marinated and charred lamb chops and the salads and yoghurt that came with everything were all very enjoyable. But the highlight were the much-improved starting dips – walnut, spiced eggplant, beetroot, carrot, yoghurt and cucumber – each simple, colourful, generous and very tasty. Oh, and the pita bread.

The service was at times lackadaisical and the Turkish coffee thin and not much chop. But that didn’t seem to worry anyone for it was packed and tables were turning over at a rapid rate.

So there you are. Never too late and I enjoyed it.

Dips $14 to $20; sucuk $16; capsicum dolma $16; mains $24 to $34

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