Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge

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47-51 Salamanca Place, Hobart
03) 6223 7788
Open: Daily from 7.30am til very late. Takeaways.

Pizza, and its variants – in the form of a flat-bread base topped with or wrapped round a filling – have since time immemorial been and continue to be found all round the Mediterranean and Middle East. According to The Penguin Companion to Food, the word pizza itself appeared near Naples as early as 997 AD. More recently, of course, pizzas have swept the world – along with, for pizza traditionalists like me, the belief that one should never eat a pizza that has anything on top that can’t be found in Italy.

The chef at Cargo, the very talented Simon Townsend, obviously don’t hold with such a belief.

And while Cargo’s pizza bases are not too thick or overly bready, the wood-fired oven is hot enough to nicely puff the edges and there are the usuals like Hawaiian, Margherita, garlic and pepperoni, what does one make of a hoi sin duck pizza? Or a baby abalone pizza with croutons? Or octopus salsa pizza, sticky pork pizza or tandoori chicken with rice crackers pizza? Salt and pepper prawn pizza, chocolate truffle pear pizza, apple crumble pizza and pinot-poached pear with honey cream and star anise pizza?

It seems Townsend has taken the most popular multi-cultural restaurant dishes and desserts from round town and replaced the plate with a pizza base.

And it embarrasses me to say that I had to swallow my conservatism with every mouthful of the six different pizzas I tried. I enjoyed them. As, it was abundantly clear, did others in what was a very crowded, early-week lunchtime.

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