Bay Views Restaurant

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1st Floor, 2 North Terrace, Burnie
03) 6431 7999
Open: Lunch and dinner daily.

This is part of the makeover of the old surf club, a lovely glass-wrapped, upstairs space overlooking the beach with a casual lounge, tapas and cocktail bar to one side of the entrance and a formally presented restaurant the other.

A visit a few years ago not long after it opened was a fairly forgettable experience. Now with new owners it joins Wild at Penguin and, of course, Burnie’s ever-reliable Rialto, as one of the best dining options on the Central Coast. A wild rabbit tartlet was as good as you could want, the pastry perfectly crisp and filled with braised and coarsely shredded rabbit, its true wild flavours accented by the earthiness of mushrooms. A silky duck liver parfait with a brilliantly clear and tart cranberry jelly, an excellent chicken pithivier and half a simple roast quail with parmesan and rocket made for a pleasant Trio of Birds entrée while wagyu fillet and cheek on truffle (oil) mash was a richly warming main.

The best of the night however was a lusciously rich and tender braise of wagyu beef shin, boned, rolled and the darkly sauced rolls strangely but inoffensively topped with a pale helmet of chicken mousse. That quibble aside, and finishing with an enjoyable cappuccino crème brulee with whipped cream and two shortbreads on the side plus a couple of glasses of local wines from the smallish but adequate list, the meal was very good.

Entrees $18 to $22; mains $26 to $34; desserts $11; cheese plate $16. The extensive lunch menu is cheaper and more café mainstream.

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