Blue Eye

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1 Castray Esplanade, Salamanca Place, Hobart
03) 6223 5297
Open: Lunch and dinner daily. Takeaways.

Blue Eye is a sibling seafood establishment in Salamanca to Joff Jennings’ very good and very popular Flathead restaurant in South Hobart. And it’s a lot more than fish ‘n chips on the waterfront. It even has a good King Island porterhouse steak and duck confit for dedicated carnivores and beetroot gnocchi with mushroom for the vegetarians. Best of all though is to see a whole fish of the day on the menu, one of the very few places in town prepared to put a whole fish on and ignore many finicky diners’ dislike of bones, fish heads and fishy eyes watching them eat.

Even better, on the night we visited, the fish was a fresh flounder, one of those beautiful, sweet-eating, in-shore fish which, despite being local and plentiful, we too rarely see around the traps. Perfectly pan-fried, crisp on the outside, moist at the bone, it was a real treat. Blue eye – the fish – comes with a romesco crust and with scallops and salmon in a fish pie. There are char-grilled salmon, excellent tempura flathead, king fish, black trevally, Spring Bay mussels, Tasmanian scallops, smoked fish chowder and very good chilli salt squid, here lifted above the many others round town by a warm beetroot and rocket salad dressed with an almond aioli.

Jennings has managed to put a first-rate floor team together, so the service was smiley and casual but impressively efficient. As they say, “All good”.

Entrees $9.90 to $18.90; mains $19.90 to $34.90 (porterhouse); seafood platter for two $80.00

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