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Peking Restaurant

“We always come here”, she said. “For us, it’s not the nearest, or the cheapest, but the food is brilliant”.

The Winston Alehouse and Eatery

.......As a result it was gum-tender but still beautifully moist with no stringiness, the still-intact connective tissues providing succulence and flavour.,, and, with their food, beers, atmosphere and prices, The Winston is proving a winner

Smolt (revisited)

..Seven years on, I feel the same way – our lunch an assortment of delightful small dishes, the main courses at dinner far less satisfying

Republic Bar and Cafe

Equally enjoyable was a generous and flavoursome seafood paella, chock full of prawns, clams, fish, mussels and good chorizo, the rice lightly spiced with Spanish smoked paprika.

The Coterie – Coal Valley Vineyard

.....the food is generally very good, the wine selection excellent, and their Sunday live music afternoons are hugely popular.

Chulo Cafe

They had said to me earlier that, since neither of them had been to Mexico, they resist using the word “authentic”, preferring instead to describe their food as “light, simple and tasty”. Which is probably as good a description as any of what they’re serving at Chulo.

Soup Stop

You’ll find a list of recent reviews below. If you’d like to share a comment, feel free to post to our Facebook wall or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

Pier One Restaurant and Bar

...Instead it seems caught in a time warp, almost as if nobody involved has bothered to look upstream to see what culinary changes the city has experienced over the past decade

Lubiana Vineyard Osteria

Monique added, “We want the food to be the simple, rustic, fresh and healthy, traditional style that you find in family-run osterias in Italy”.

Pollen Tea Room

The style of food is announced on a specials blackboard headed GF, SF, DF, VG and RAW which, for me, spelled “Graeme, what are you doing here?”

Cornelian Bay Boathouse

we were pleasantly surprised when some excellent ciabatta bread and our first courses at dinner arrived, however, written like a ho-hum shopping list of ingredients for each dish, the fairly conservative, something-for-everyone menu doesn’t do much to excite the juices

All Thai – North Hobart

“Here, says chef Savayos Malayanond, we’re always trying new dishes and I try to make no compromises or take any shortcuts”.

Mai Ake Asian Cuisine

....was a simply delicious, balanced and spiced combination accompanied on the side by a wonderfully pungent sauce composed of pounded toasted rice...

Cable Station Restaurant

In the restaurant the small and regularly changing menu is a celebration of both the season and the abundance of local produce

Pigeon Hole

You’ll find a list of recent reviews below. If you’d like to share a comment, feel free to post to our Facebook wall or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

Ristorante Da Angelo it turned out, Da Angelos was celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The Burger Haus

To say the place is “hip” or “cool” would probably just show how totally unhip and uncool I really am

Frogmore Creek Restaurant

This, together with a glance at Kootman’s rough new menu ideas suggest that, whatever the operational changes that might take place, the restaurant’s future would appear to be in very good hands.

Mrs Jones Restaurant Bar Lounge

...your expectations on being seated are that you’re in for a superior dining experience.

Mures Upper Deck

For example, I wondered what soggy bok choy and overcooked green tea udon noodles contributed to a dish of Spring Bay mussels....

Pilgrim Coffee

....crowded retro furnishings and an overall warehouse feel that contrasts with the beautifully plated, contemporary and innovative food served out of the pocket-handkerchief-sized kitchen

Reflections (Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania)

The car park was full, the spacious bar and alfresco deck were buzzing and Reflections was rapidly filling up .......


Miyabi is like no other Japanese restaurant in Tasmania.

The Aproneers

While their underlying real, sustainable food ethos remains unchanged, The Aproneers is now as much a cafe/eatery as they are a grocer/providore.....

Written on Tea (City location)

Altogether a fabulous feast and, working out at $23 a head without wine, surely one of the city’s exceptional bargains.

The Picnic Basket

...if the queues for takeaways and the mix of families, workmen, young and old coffee-ing, snacking and lunching inside and outside the other day was any indication, Taroona is very happy he did......

Monty’s on Montpelier was good for the soul to be comfortably seated in a cosy room in front of a crackling fire with quality cutlery and glassware in front of me and feel that, rather than eating, I was preparing to dine, and - as it turned out - dine well.


“My God, I’m salivating just reading the menu”, said my dining partner..........

Chatterbox Malaysian Singapore

It’s easy to dismiss Chatterbox as just another of the North Hobart strip’s cheap Asian takeaways – which it isn’t.

Cultura Espresso Bar & Restaurant

Perfectly dressed fettuccini aglio olio and the best spaghetti puttanesca I’ve had in a long time.

Katmandu Cuisine

This is Hobart’s first ever restaurant to be inspired by the foods and flavours of Nepal and Tibet.

The Lotus Eaters Cafe

In a previous review I wrote “the best, most varied and perfectly cooked café food in the state”. Six years on, I’m happy to say that is still my opinion.

My Slice of Pie

The views of Sleeping Beauty are, as promised, magnificent and we thoroughly enjoyed our soup, scones and pastries.

Taco Taco

Check out Twitter and Facebook - "TacoTacoTas" for this experience.

The Duchess Cafe

It was all so good, I returned for lunch.


Sfuso is the sort of casual eatery many would like to have on the next corner.

Rin Japanese

It was indeed a brave move to set up a Japanese restaurant in what, in dining terms, is on the corner of nowhere... (but) in true Japanese style, the intricately woven flavours are subtly delicate and harmonious.

Crumb Street Kitchen

Impressive is the sheer energy, the ingenuity and wonderful laid-back, let’s-have-a-go attitude of the young owners, Sian King and Zac Shearer.

Daci and Daci

Some of the tastiest and most reasonably priced bakery and pastry treats in the CBD.

The Source

A most memorable experience - by far the best I’ve had in Tasmania and, for me, among the best ever.

Mu Lan Restaurant

Full, and turning over tables downstairs on a Monday night, Mu Lan is an enjoyable and very welcome addition to the North Hobart strip.

Jack Greene

The selection of ales, wheat beers, lagers, rauchbiers, porters, stouts, ciders and cyders, perries and kolches is unique and very special.


It’s two particular Sichuan-influenced dishes, as well as Jo’s smiling service, that sets the restaurant apart and, I feel, deserve to win Hejo’s wider exposure.

Westend Pumphouse

The food actually felt and tasted like dinner, and the ’07 Pierro Mancini Cannonau from Sardinia was the most enjoyable, food-friendliest drop I’ve had in a local restaurant in a long time.


I think Italians must be born with an extra gene – a hospitality gene.

Beltana Hotel

Of an evening, the menu expands to include entrees like fried cotechino, white beans and piccalilli, a modernised prawn cocktail and a goat cheese, beetroot and walnut tart plus mains of fresh fish, duck, slow-cooked lamb, grilled wallaby and beef Wellington.

Chillies Indian Restaurant

It was the freshness, complexity and distinctive spicing of the food we had - chicken tikka, onion bhaji, butter chicken, chicken Madrasi and goat curry - that most impressed me.

Josef Chromy Restaurant

The wines are top notch and reasonably priced, and the service excellent, friendly and professional.

Italian Pantry

Only a few local eateries go much beyond the pizza and pasta clichés, but one that does is the Italian Pantry.

Prossers on the Beach

The ultimate professional, Michael Prosser has brought a new sense of service, order and hospitality to the floor.

Ginger Brown

Like the slightly funky, bohemian atmosphere of the place itself, there’s nothing fussy, tizzed-up or pretentious about any of the food. It's simply good cooking of an intelligently thought out and balanced menu.

The Mill on Morrison

In its informality, style of menu and the well-priced beverage selection, The Mill has got the wine bar/tapas concept spot on.

Shoebox Cafe

A blending of Asian and Western flavours as bright as the owner's welcoming smile and so fresh that I could almost feel it doing me good.

Bottega Rotolo and A Common Ground

Two new quality providores have recently opened in Hobart – the huge, mainly Italian Bottega Rotolo and the small, all-Tasmanian A Common Ground.

Pasha’s Cafe and Restaurant

Johnny-come-years-late is not a good position for a food reviewer to be in. But Pasha's was good. Very good, in fact.

The New Sydney Hotel

Good food, great staff, 12 beers on tap, some interesting wines at good prices and live music in a real, ungentrified pub chock-full of atmosphere, character and a colourful, mixed and mixed-age crowd.

Remi de Provence

A peppery soup, the colour of Provencal sunshine came chock full of white beans, black cabbage and speck accompanied by one of the very best, crunchy-crusted restaurant breads in town.

Ethos Eat Drink

Pop in for a heart starter and palate pick-me-up anytime from morning ‘till late, snack your way through the $3 dishes as you explore the wine list, or meander your way through the menu as your appetite and inclination take you.

The Stackings, Peppermint Bay

It’s great to see the restaurant’s food and wine once again delivering on the promise held out by Peppermint Bay’s fabulous location and equally fabulous design.

Sapa Rose

Hoang Bui brings some interesting and very enjoyable new dishes to Hobart including some that will take anyone who has visited Vietnam straight back to its street markets.

The Brunswick Hotel

It’s good to see the Brunswick given a new lease of life and a modern makeover.

Cultura Espresso Bar & Restaurant

Apart from the excellent food, what is it that makes Solo Pasta and Pizza in Sandy Bay one of the most popular of the many similar Italian eateries in town?

The Source

As most restaurants do in Europe, Chef Philippe Lebain simply gets the best and most interesting produce he can, from wherever.

Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge

There are the usuals like Hawaiian, Margherita, garlic and pepperoni, but what does one make of a hoi sin duck pizza? Or a baby abalone pizza with croutons?

Mezethes Greek Taverna

As authentically Greek in style and flavours as you’re likely to get this far from Athens.

The Point

A menu perfectly tailored to the restaurant’s mixed regulars, special-occasionalist and tourist market and much better than many that have disappointed at The Point before.

Pierre’s on George

The new owners, Sarah and Rohan Birchmore, and designer/consultant chef, Xavier Mouche, have transformed Pierre's into an ultra-stylish bistro with timeless, quintessential, uncomplicated and comforting French fare.


Stillwater was relaunched in August with new partners joining the remaining long-time owners, a new kitchen, new chef, new menus, new food style and an interior remodelling.

Sweet Envy

If you can’t count the street numbers, you’ll find it by the oohs and ahhs of people stopped in their tracks by the window display!


In design, style of seating and the style of food, Tasmania has not seen anything quite like Garagistes before.

Grape Bar and Bottleshop

While always pleasant enough, some recent changes see Grape deserving to take off.

Bay Views Restaurant

Now with new owners, but the same young chef, Dane Kendal, it joins Wild and Rialto as one of the best dining options on the Central Coast.

Red Velvet Lounge

Steve Cumper is a chef who likes things a bit rustic and funky. He’s also a food blogger, an aspiring writer, is into quirky pop culture and likes to get his hands dirty.

Blue Eye

A whole lot more than fish 'n chips to tempt your palate on the waterfront!

The Banc

John and Lee Bailey have created a simple and elegantly understated space in what used to be, until they came along, Swansea’s only eatery of any note, the Left Bank.

Black Cow

If you associate beef with steak-house blokiness, think again!